I'm Julian Montoya.

I've been giving my users superpowers since 2007. Scroll down to witness the awesomeness. Also,

Vanguard Design
In order to build an emotional connection between the user and the product, I mixed both Google's usability explorations and Apple's good looks in order to create the design pattern a company like Bizagi needs.
Interaction DesignUI/UXInformation Architecture
Bizagi Go
Bizagi is a renowned multinational, famous for developing automated processes software. I took said complex and unfriendly software and turned it into an intuitive and good-looking mobile application.
Interaction DesignUI/UXWeb Design
EVE is a gaming console, but it’s also much more than that; it’s a platform. It aims to let users engage in a ‘constant state of play’ by enabling an always connected, emotion-sensing environment that will not only provide users with quality gaming content at all times but has the potential to change people’s lives and habits.
Industrial DesignInteraction DesignUI/UX
MEgration is a both digital and analogue alternative that aims to help immigrants in order to fulfil their respective processes, by hand-holding them through their whole endeavour in a personalized and socially connected way.
Art DirectionInteraction DesignUI/UX
Rockastinator is a device that helps you having healthier and more effective working habits by grabbing your attention in different and innovative ways.
Industrial DesignInteraction DesignUI/UX
Somos Colpatria
User Interface design made on behalf of Startics for one of Colpatria's most important branches.
UI/UXWeb DesignArt Direction
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